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Hello there! Welcome to our blog about everything Pokemon. WE will post Fan-art, Conspiracies, Gifs, Rumors, videos from our Youtube channel and everything in between. - N & K

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My team from my first and only completion of Pokemon Emerald.-N

Axol (Swampert) 

His name is based off of Axolotl, he was my Surf-er.

Kirin (Rayquaza)

Named after the Kirin, a mythalogicl beast from Chinese mythology.

Cyanide (Crobat)   

Named after the poison Cyanide.

Strata (Altaria) 

Named after the Stratosphere, my Fly-er.

Moby (Wailord)  

Named after Moby Dick, My Diver and Waterfall-er.

Randall (Keckleon)  

Named after Randall the chameleon-monster from Disney Pixar’s- Monsters Inc. My HM slave.

All art by http://pokemoned.tumblr.com/